Greenpeace’s Unfriend Coal Campaign and Facebook

July 6, 2016

Bingyi Wu


Case Intro:

Video Link: Unfriend Coal Campaign

On Thursday, September 23, 2010, Barry Schnitt, Facebook’s director of policy communications, was faced with a situation that did not look like it was going to go away. A week earlier, on Sep.13, 2010, the non-governmental organization Greenpeace launched an online animated Youtube video that publicly critiqued the environmental sustainability of Facebook’s decision to build a new data center in Prineville, Oregon. Over 200,000 people viewed the video the first week it was posted. Greenpeace objected to the fact that the new facility would be connected to a local utility provider that supplied electricity mainly from the burning of coal, one of the largest sources of global warming. Continue reading “Greenpeace’s Unfriend Coal Campaign and Facebook”

How were TNSF and TBL implemented by Miguel Torres?


June 25, 2016

Bingyi Wu

The TORRES marketing and sustainability case is published by HBP (Havard Business Publishing). Here is the abstract of the case:


“The more we care for the earth, the better our wines…”

Continue reading “How were TNSF and TBL implemented by Miguel Torres?”