Digital Marketing Tools that I am Learning (3) – Moz

There are a lot of roles Moz can play. However, the Open Site Explorer makes it stand out.

When it comes to search engine optimization, we really want to see how our competitors are doing in order to set up our benchmarks. Although AdWords is able to offer you some competitors’ information, such as competitors’ bids and page ranks, we will need more detailed and comprehensive metrics to gain better insights of the specific things that we can improve.

So here I will introduce my favorite competitor analysis tool called Moz ( There are a lot of roles Moz can play. For example, it can play as a content marketing tool to amplify our content strategy with in-depth content audits and performance tracking for our sites and competitors; it can play as a twitter analytics tool to help us connect with influencers and prospects, search and compare users, and discover tactics that engage, grow, and optimize our social presence.

However, the Open Site Explorer makes it stand out. I recorded a video to show how it works.

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Digital Marketing Tools that I am Learning (2) – Buzzsumo

Three reasons why I love Buzzsumo.

Except for the standard digital marketing tools (such as GA and AdWords), we will need to get much closer to our audience and keep listening to their voices on social media. In this article, I will share one of my favorite social listening tools called Buzzsumo.

When I was working with an NGO on its social media campaign, I manually did all the researches, including the researches of other NGOs’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, their popular contents, the sharing and interactive ratios, and the growing trends. So I made something like these:

Doing these kinds of research was a pretty time-consuming but necessary step before setting up goals and creating contents. That’s where I found Buzzsumo useful for topic and content mining. And there are several reasons for me to embrace Buzzsumo.

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Digital Marketing Tools that I am learning.(1) – GA and AdWords

Those are something that can help you be more responsible for your marketing strategies.

There are tons of things I need to learn before mastering the digital marketing. I am more than pleasure to share what I am learning. Here is my “collection” of what I call “DM Tools”. Today, let’s start from the most common and useful tools – Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

DM Tools

Nowadays, Google Analytics and Google AdWords are probably becoming “must-have” tools for digital marketers to monitor online marketing performance. When it comes to my favorite parts of these two “bros”, the “GOAL“and the “CHANNEL FUNNEL” would be in the top of my list. The setup of goals and goal values in google analytics will help us be more aware of what we want and translate the impacts we create into dollars. In other words, we will be able to know the return on digital marketing investment (RODMI). Also the setup of channel funnel enable us to identify the bottlenecks and the “smoother” of the buying cycle (awareness, research & comparison, and making a purchase). Moreover, the “keyword planner” and “display planner” allow us to optimize our SEO campaigns and ad campaigns so that the RODMI could be maximized.

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