Offer Promo or not? Put yourself in customers’ shoes.

Offering in-store promo to distant online shoppers would lead to sales’ increase. However, if you offer online promo to those distant in-store shoppers, it will decrease the sales.

Recently, I found this article is worthy of sharing. Click to read: How to make the most of omnichannel retailing? Have you ever wondered about if it is good to offer coupons or not? If you have, this will be an interesting article for you as well.

I summarized the results of the research conducted by a Chinese marketing professor at Temple University in one picture to make it clearer.


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Effectiveness of the “First Kiss”

June 23, 2016

Bingyi Wu


Ad Campaign Background

Wren, a not big American clothing brand, launched its seasonal campaign by uploading a seasonal viral video just as usual in May 2014. However, this one – First Kiss was extremely successful. The New York Times honored it as one of the most influential ads. Only within one week, the video had been viewed more than 61 million times (now is about 100 million times). As the founder said, Wren’s sales in the online store were up over 13,600% compared to the week before First Kiss was released. Traffic to the Wren website was up 14,000%, and 96% of those visitors are new to the site.

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