The Effect of eWOM on Sales.

Key findings from the study of eWOM on the “Journal of Marketing Research” .


Recently, <Journal of Marketing Research> published a very informative research study called “The Effect of Electronic Word of Mouth on Sales”. I would like to write down some notes here and hopefully, it could also be helpful to whoever is reading.

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Digital Marketing Tools that I am Learning (3) – Moz

There are a lot of roles Moz can play. However, the Open Site Explorer makes it stand out.

When it comes to search engine optimization, we really want to see how our competitors are doing in order to set up our benchmarks. Although AdWords is able to offer you some competitors’ information, such as competitors’ bids and page ranks, we will need more detailed and comprehensive metrics to gain better insights of the specific things that we can improve.

So here I will introduce my favorite competitor analysis tool called Moz ( There are a lot of roles Moz can play. For example, it can play as a content marketing tool to amplify our content strategy with in-depth content audits and performance tracking for our sites and competitors; it can play as a twitter analytics tool to help us connect with influencers and prospects, search and compare users, and discover tactics that engage, grow, and optimize our social presence.

However, the Open Site Explorer makes it stand out. I recorded a video to show how it works.

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What do you think of “Simulation” (Simulation 101)

Most of us including myself thought that the simulation is for something sophisticated and complex, and we as ordinal citizens may not have a chance to use or a necessity to consider about it. I am happy to tell you that you are wrong…

When you hear the term, simulation, what would you think of? I thought of a flight simulator. If you want to be a pilot and go to the specialized school, you will most likely experience flight simulator. The idea is that the simulator lets you fly an aircraft in virtual reality and learn how to operate it. We can’t risk letting the students fly the real aircraft but students need to get the idea what would happen when they did fly the actual aircraft. We may think of some other examples, but most of the examples are probably in big scale, sophisticated system, complex algorithm to learn, or with expensive investments.


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