Are you able to PREDICT?

At the end, the nature of a real marketer is to explore the life, to experience as much as you can, to “over-think” about every corner you dropped by, and to be a consumer.


“They spend time and money compiling data-rich models that make them masters of description but failures at prediction.”

– <Know Your Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done”>

“I am a data-driven marketer.” He said to me during our interview. “Nice…” I did not know what to answer at the moment. I felt something missed, something right but not exactly right.

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How could VR and AR enhance marketing performance of Real Estate Industry?

Three keywords: Informative, shareable and imaginable.

My particular interest in real estate industry comes from my small family business in shanghai. So today, I would like to share some of my ideas about how to use AR (Augmented Reality) to increase the marketing effectiveness in the real estate industry.

Firstly, let’s talk about the current application of VR and AR in the real estate industry. The topic has been brought up since three or four years ago. And I did some online researches and found that some hi-tech companies developed similar apps, such as ARHouse by Augmented Pixels Inc..  Although it is called ARHouse, it is more like a VR app.

Imagine that if you are a real estate agency, there are two goals fhouse-clipartor your business:

  1. to bring traffic to your place;
  2. to close deals efficiently.

One of the effective ways to create traffic is to make your visual information as more reachable as possible. 3D or VR mobile apps that contain as much information about apartments or houses as possible would be very helpful. People will be able to see 3D vision or VR vision of the apartments by using mobile phone to scan your posters placed in subway stations, bus stops or anywhere else. As a result, after getting clearer images, they are more likely to visit your place to learn more about houses or apartments. It is also important that the information people get from offline market is shareable so that the marketing effects would be doubled.

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Happy July 4th! Some thoughts from my experience with Simio.

July 4, 2016

Bingyi Wu


Nowadays, with Google Analytics, we could analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of a marketing event and to adjust the strategies based on actual data. What a wonderful news for marketers! Finally, we are able to prove the importance of marketing. But we still need to think forward. Have you ever though about predicting the benefits of a marketing event?  If there is any way to predict the marketing results, like what we are doing for business operations, it would further reduce the risks of investing in the marketing activities. (BTW, if there is some similar product exists, please let me learn about it!)

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